Friday, 21 March 2014

Baby Number 2??

I'd love to have another baby for Lacey-Niia to grow up with. But she's not yet 2 and I feel like as if I was to get pregnant, that I'd be too overwhelmed and feel guilty as Lacey-Niia is my first born and I don't want our super special close bond to change.. Just yet! I know I sound selfish, but I want to have a baby when the time is right, and most of all. when I'm ready. 

I'm missing the baby snuggles and them teeny tiny clothes! But I love my daughters age right now as she's such a little character, everything's 'mine' or 'noooo' or the worse one of all is 'and a nanny' if I say, 'going to see grandad??' I get a reply of 'and a nanny'.. Fantastic. Although I love that she loves her and a nanny! Haha 

I have friends and a family member (my mums, partners granddaughters having a little girl!) who have babies, and I live the newborn excitement through them. Waking up and going to bed with a snoring gorgeous 21month old suits me fine right now. Maybe I'll have baby number 2 when she's 3/4. Til then I'll spend my time with my girl, and living my broodiness through others and their blogs!

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