Thursday, 13 March 2014

A little 'Me' time

Everyone needs 'me' time. Whether it's having a girly night with your friends, or just a long hot bubble bath followed by a glass of wine and a movie. When you have a baby, it hits you hard that your life has changed dramatically, no longer can you carelessly make reclous decisions and stay up til the early hours and spend your days asleep to make up for it.

Personally, I love being a mummy, but I struggle to balance out time for myself. I tend to have a bath with my daughter, as it's just easier, and a lot nicer to play with her bath toys and talk with her. Last night for instance, after I had put her down to bed I ran myself a lovely very hot bubble bath and chilled out for ages. afterwards I made a cuppa and ventured (not really ventured as it's where I usually am) into bed flickin' through watching tv, bloglovin', twitter and Instagram. And that is it, my comfort place. I don't really enjoy drinking, or going out its never been something I like. I'm a home girl. Specially now I have a daughter of my own. 

But here are afew little things I do enjoy when I have time to myself. 
• face & hair masks.
• A 'Lush' filled bath.
• TV Catch Up.
• Trashy Mag Gossip. 
• Reading Others Blogs.
• Online Shopping

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