Monday, 24 March 2014

5 Ways To Save Money Fast

As everyone knows, with or without children it can get tough, and even those who have everything at some point struggle. I mean there's a certain ex band member who went bankrupt but has a perfectly decent solo carer. (Can you guess who??) so here are my ways you can save money, I'll be starting these too as birthdays are closely approaching aswel as the holidays. Oh deary me! 

TakeAway/Eating Out:
Do you really need to grab lunch out or that weekly takeaway? No. What's in your fridge is perfectly fine (in some cases ALOT healthier!). Maybe change it to a treat so once a month order a takeout, and those sandwiches and premade lunches you buy out most days, could save you a ton if only you made your own and took them with you. 

Travel Fare:
This is my worst one, I take a taxi everywhere! Usually it'll cost 30/40 pounds per day if we use a taxi. shocking as we waste around 100 pounds every 8-9 days! Must note that trains are much cheaper! And buses for a lot of other people.

Save for those occasions:
I've always started birthday/christmas shopping incredibly early (mostly throughout the year). But I'm slacking and haven't put aside anything so far! And with so many events ahead I need to get back into putting aside alittle each week. Usually 20/30 pounds, a month adds upto £130. 

Sell your unwanted items:
Got DVDs you'll never watch again? Baby clothes that you don't need anymore? Or anything sellable? Why not put it on eBay or create a facebay account. Make sure you take pictures of each items, and that they are in a decent condition. No one wants stained clothes and scratched discs! Watch them ££'s roll in from your unwanted goods! 

Only buy what you need:
I need to realise that just because something looks tasty in the shop, doesn't meant I need to get it straight away. It'll not get eaten as I just eat toasties and jacket potatoes. Also I don't need to buy so much junk food. It ends up piling up in the fridge and cupboards and that doesn't look to good on us as parents and is too much temptation for the children. I could save £15/20 a week if I stopped my food habits! 

So there you have it. Just afew simple ways you can save money if you need to buy for those special occasions. 

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  1. I love this post. Since I cut out takeaways and eating out I've saved a lot! Luckily my town is small so we can walk everywhere, I never get taxis. I always only buy what I need and have always been a fan of selling old stuff on ebay, however I never safe for birthdays/christmas though and it's always a struggle! Def going to start trying to buy in advance :)