Saturday, 8 February 2014

Valentines Day Gift Guide

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For Her:
1. you can't go wrong with a luxury perfume. Daisy by Marc Jacobs is sure to be a hit.
2. every woman wants more makeup! it's just in our system to love all things beauty. so, head to your
local MAC counter in Debenhams & John Lewis or if your lucky to have one, go to the store. a red lipstick or captivating eyeshadow will sure to be a winner.
3. if your ladies like me that loves a good cuppa, then why not get her a mug? this ones from ASDA. but you
can personalise your own from websites such as, Photobox and NotOnTheHighStreet.
4. does she like a little BLINGBLING? silly question, we all do. Pandora charms are the easiest way to show
your love, simply because there is such a huge variety.
5. Lily O'briens chocolates are the ultimate induldgence. every occasion I get a big hamper from my fiance'. it's simply the best! (excuse the punt!) head over to their website and order your special lady some. or if your lucky enough to live in Ireland, head to their shop!

For Him:
6. my fiance' is a Liverpool FC fan. so a trip to the stadium, tour and the possibility of meeting some of the players is highly appealing.
7. okay so, theatre tickets can be for either Him or Her. so why not check out your local theatre for what's on and see if your fella will enjoy one? even if it's Cinema tickets to a gory movie that he'll like, after all. it's his gift!
8. I love the smell of Paco Rabanne so this is a must have for my partners collection.
9. experience days are always a winner. you have so many different choices but this one sticks out the most to me.
10. Original Penguin has so many different ranges, clothes, aftershave, kids etc. so this grooming kit is perfect for the man who likes to look after himself. I brought my man one for Christmas just gone.
11. I love the smell. and this new gift set is perfect for any age man.

or if your like most of us who just leave things to the very last minute I.E the night before. no longer do you need to head to your local superstore to pick up the last bunch of flowers that are quickly dying, or that last box of chocolates that the box is battered and beaten. check out LastMinute HERE for a quick purchase sure to satify

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