Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Top 5 Children's Books

Upsy Down Town:
This has become one of them books that a child automatically goes to when you say story time. Lacey-Niia absolutely loves this book. Not gonna lie, I've read it that much I can resite the book back to you without even reading it. Yup that's how much I've read it. I found it in The Works nearly 2 years ago but you can buy it online. 

This was given to Lacey-Niia from 'Santa' when she went to his grotto in 2013. She loves the colours and all the items in book. She can now say most of them! 

Thank You For Being My Friend:
This is such a sweet book! My mum brought her the set of Chad Valley books ages ago for her birthday and she loves them. This one especially! She says 'awwww' and 'quack quack' at the pages when she spots the duck. It's incredibly cute.

Disney Storybook Collection:
These were gifted to Lacey-Niia from her grandad and nanny for christmas 2013. She loves anything Disney, so of course she loves these. Each and every story gets her excited, we've not yet read every story in each of the books but were getting there.. Slowly.

Hello Kitty Bag Of Books:
These were also gifted to Miss Niia back in 2012. She's been into these for the past 5/6 months. I'd highly recommend buying sets like these. There a fun way of teaching your child numbers, shapes, colours and their abc's! 


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