Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Quick & Easy Light Lunch/Dinner for your baby or toddler

So when my daughter started eating solids her dad suggested his nephew and sons favourite light lunch/dinner that they loved when they were her age. Which to me when he said it, it sounded wrong and gross but it's actually quite yummy! My step daughter who is 9 also eats this by the bowl full! Hotdogs, spaghetti hoops and smash.

We boil the hotdogs in its own juice and then chop them up and add them into the smash and then add in some spaghetti hoops. Once you've mixed it around together, it'll look a pinky colour. Don't smash it all up unless you want it for a very young baby. We leave the hotdogs and spaghetti hoops somewhat chunky as our daughter is 19months old. 

So give it ago, let me know if you do try it! I'll leave my links below :) 

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