Monday, 10 March 2014

Top 5 Baby/Toddler Items

Picture books, singing books, flip the flaps books, any kind of books Lacey-Niia loves them all. She partically likes the hide and seek ones, where you have to flip the little flaps to find the animal or object. I even find them quite amusing. 

Such a great investment. I brought her the pink bag of blocks aswel as the cart with blocks inside. She'll spend hours happily sat on the floor playing with them. They also help co-ordination, 

Cosatto Pushchair
I have the Bizzy Betty, and I honestly can't imagine my life without it! It's lightweight (I carry it up 3flights of stairs daily) it's easy to clean as it comes apart to put in the wash, it's stylish also, my girl loves it!

It's the holy-grail of all holy-grails in baby terms! My daughters now 18months and is constantly bumping into things and getting the odd bruise or cut, and obviously for her bum! 

These are the apps I've downloaded for Lacey-Niia. She loves all of these. She plays them daily and is learning so much from them. When were out on journeys, or when she's being a little grumpy I'll hand her my phone she'll take herself off to my bed or grab a blanky and then play for ages on her games. 

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  1. Love the pushchair! We love mega bloks too in our house. Thanks for linking up at share it sundays this week :) x