Thursday, 13 February 2014

Love is in the air?

I guess we all expect to wake up on valentines day with a hot man laid in bed next to us who will then get out of bed to make us a delicious breakfast brought in with a single rose in a glass. Our reality? Local superstore or garage flowers (half dead from the journey home) and a card half heartedly written in.

I can say I'm quite lucky, every occasion I wake up to my fiancĂ© who makes me a cuppa, breakfast (only if I'm lucky I get it in bed due to having a 19month old) and showers me with gifts. This year, I told him not to buy me anything and that we'd do cards and then go for a meal. He didn't agree nor disagree. Also, we have to make our arranges around 3 kids. 1 will be coming out of school at half 2, and the other I need to pick up at 5/6. 

We eventually stayed in to save the arguments as his son is so attached and obsessive over his dads whereabouts. So we waited til they were in bed and then ordered a big Indian takeout. We pigged out on that then ate the big box of milk tray he brought me along with lots of other sweetie treats. How did you all spend your valentines day?? 

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