Thursday, 6 February 2014

Lacey-Niia's Birthday Wishlist

1. Minnie Mouse Flip Out Sofa.
recently we purchased a new sofa, which miss Niia isn't yet tall enough to be able to get herself up on. so, I've decided to buy her this adorable flip out sofa. it even matches our living room colours. I may just give it to her before her birthday, but either way it'll be classed as a birthday present!

2. Cupcake Tea Set.
this tea set caught my eye simply because it's one of those wooden ones. I love wooden toys, I remember having so many when I was younger. so I thought this would be perfect for my girl to enjoy :)

3. Ariel Under The Sea Bucket.
Lacey-Niia loves bath time. she has so many bath toys, but this is Disney (obviously!) so she'll love it even more. I wanted to get her it for christmas but it was sold out.

4. Disney Tea Set.
the Disney store has so many cute girly toys, and this was one of those. I'm not sure which Disney Princess to get her the set in yet, but I rather like this one. what do you think?

5. Minnie Mouse Magic Scribbler.
she has a smaller Hello Kitty one, but it's attached to a book which isn't ideal when she wants to take it out with us. so because there isn't a Hello Kitty one, this is my second choice.

6. Hetty Cleaning System and Hoover.
Lacey-Niia loves helping me clean and tidy up. so I thought this would be perfect for her. along with a little play kitchen and accessories. she has her own little home made!

7. Minnie Mouse Aquadoodle.
she's already had 2, she had the baby one for her first christmas when she was 6 months old, then a travel one for christmas just gone. so I thought now she's loving drawing and scribbling everywhere, that this one would be great, and it doesnt need any real mess!!

8. Cath Kidson bags.
I can't decided between them. so it'll have to be both. the backpack I'm thinking for afew toys, dummy, and juice when we go out or when she's at her nannys or grandads. then the other for everyday as she loves having her little black bag around her with a toy phone, dummy n sweeties in.

9. Hello Kitty Easl.
I love these. and even more so, it's Hello Kitty!! my little artist no longer has to write on her table and chairs, or instead of using her mounds of colouring books and paper.. (or my walls!) she has her own little drawing board. too cute.

I'm still stuck on what to get her for a main present, so any ideas would be greatly recieved :)
I was thinking about an Innotab? but I'm not sure.

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