Monday, 10 February 2014

Goodbye Weekend! Hello Monday!

Is it just me that thinks weekends are incredibly short? I spent my weekend doing my usual routine of cleaning, washing and running around tiding up after 3 children. 

Saturday night was really nice, we had a games night with the two eldest, they chose Mooshi Monsters Top Trumps Turbo! So I made a tray of sweets, biscuits, chocolate, crisps, and muffins. They also had sausage rolls, scotch eggs and Nutella on toast. They had a major pig-out! We grabbed our duvets and pillows, laid out on the floor playing and munching away for a good 2/3hours straight. We then played quick fire questions, it was hilarious. The kids loved it. 

Sunday was a fun-filled day, full of craft making, baking, dancing, hula-hooping and much more. We attended our local church for 'messy church'. It was full of locals and even some friendly faces from my partners childhood. All 3 kids enjoyed themselves, got involved in all the activities and then we had a lovely lunch there with everyone. My partner offered his voluntery services and they took him up as he's a chef, he's going to be cooking them a curry for one of their 'alpha courses' nights next Wednesday. And I'll be going to help him prep, cook and serve. Aren't we model Citizins? 

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends! And here's to the next!! 

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