Saturday, 11 January 2014

say what?!

Okay so, I've seen a lot of mummy bloggers/instagramers posting about their weight and results on what a professional health site deems acceptable for their body. Well, personally I think it's demeaning for us women to be made to feel like complete crap, if it's not men branding us either a fat dog or sexy, it's other girls bitching and being utter spiteful to one another. 

What this site doesn't account for is that some of us are mothers. We've had children, some more than others. Those lucky women who can get themselves back into shape straight after giving birth are either starving themselves or just damn right naturally thin. We're all made differently, sure we all wanna be alittle thinner, we all wanna be that 'it' girl. You know, we all have a friend who you think is just gorgeous without makeup or making an effort. 

Myself, I'd love to look like Michelle Keegan. She's a natural beauty. But on the other hand, I admire Gemma Collins, Natalie Cassidy and even Kerry Katona. All different people, different reasons, different bodies. One thing they do have in common? They just don't care what others think. 

If your eating 7 takeouts a week, junk food and guzzling fizzy drinks then fair enough, go ahead cut it down. In my eyes it's not what you eat, it's how much you eat and how you even it out with exercise. 

So I'm going to end this extremely long post with this...You'll all beautiful, all acceptable. Just the way you are. Don't need to change for nobody. 

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