Thursday, 30 January 2014

NHS Healthy Bump, Heathly Baby booklet

I believe that all mothers must make there own decision on wether they want to Breastfeed their child or smoke whilst pregnant. Although I also think that we all need that little more educating on the affects, positives and negatives of these.

I picked up this booklet of breast feeding, introducing solids and smoking whilst pregnant. it also held a lot of other information in too that may be useful to a lot of mums to be. I found this in my hospital X-Ray waiting area and thought I'd flick through whilst waiting. 

Even though my daughters 19months now, I'd of loved more information on all of these things. Parents don't need preaching to or even hearing others experiences, I think we simply just need some guides to flick through so we know and can go by our own choices. 

This booklet has tied together flip-cards with a question and the answers on the reserve side. 

You can pick one up from your local doctors and/or hospital. 

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