Sunday, 19 January 2014

New Years Resolutions

Let Go, Be Happy
Having spent most of 2013 completely low and run down I'm determined to make this year a carefree happy year. To let go of all the shit and stresses and just concentrate on my daughter and hopefully making a business grow.

Save save save!
Working out how much we actually spend a month is completely shocking. We spend on average £140 a week on food shopping. And then a further £30 a week just down the local shop getting bits n bobs. Then the occasional takeout once a month comes to £30+! And that's not including the daily costa coffees and other things we buy or the bills. More goes out than comes in! No more impulsive buys. 

Prepare for all occasions
So, usually when it's birthdays I tend to just but willynilly. Not this year! I'm going to make lists of what all the kids would like and need and stick to it. Set a budget for each and not go any higher. Which is going to be tough for me. I've made decorated some little DIY jars with labels on 'birthday' 'Christmas' 'other'

Get fit.
I'm tired of being tubby. It's a downer, so I'm going to purchase either a treadmill, reebok stepper or simply just go out for an hours long trek every evening. 

Find a new home
Since I moved out of the family home at 18 I've lived in 2 of my own places. But they've never really been homely. The place I have now is to an extent as we've decorated and have the kids now, but I'm hoping on getting a house and decorating it to my wants! 

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