Thursday, 12 December 2013

Hello December!

I'm posting this nearly half way through the month but better late than never, so they say. December has so much cuteness and potential. Cozy movie times under a duvet or blanket, craft activities, baking christmas cookies and cupcakes, shopping with a reason and of course - the family enviroment is always that much more special. This year Lacey-Niia is understanding more that something exciting is happening. Showing her all the lights, giving her Christmassy cakes and treats to try for the first time, and seeing her complete excited when she sees all the presents neatly wrapped and placed in big piles ready to put out on Christmas Eve. I remember receiving so many presents when I was younger that I never truly understood the true meaning of christmas. It's not about how many presents there are, or how expensive they are. It's about having good family, good food and making memories that last forever. I hope it snows this year, but not majorly to the point everyone spazz's out and leaves the shop shelves empty, but a nice amount just for that one special day on the 25th. I'm looking forward to New Years also. As 2014 holds lots of exciting possibilities and business ventures I'm hoping to go on. I say, bring it on! 

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