Sunday, 13 October 2013

Today's the Big day that I should of been celebrating my baby boys 2nd birthday. Never does a day go by that I don't ever think about him. How he'd be a toddler running riot, what he'd looked like, his attitude, just everything. I will never forget the instant love I had for my baby, even when I went down for my operation I knew - that no matter what that, that baby was still something to me. still apart of me, and to this day I still call him my morning star. Cause when I look up at the stars like I do every night, there's always one star shining brighter than all the rest. And that is my boy. It doesn't matter how many people tell me to get over it or to get on with it. I can get on with it but never get over it. Nor should anyone expect me too. My little boy. Mummy loves you. 🌟💛👣

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