Saturday, 19 October 2013

the 90's tag!

Favourite Disney Film:
I used to love the Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan and I loved Cinderella as a kid too. gotta love Disney no matter what age you are :)

Favourite Music Artist:
Spice Girls! they were every girls idol back then, right? I mean me and my cousins used to dress up as them and sing their songs to our parents. also, I loved Whitney Houston as my mum used to play her songs on repeat especially I Will Always Love You.

Favourite Sweet:
I used to love PicNMix's, I would want Apple Rings, Cherry Drops, Chocolate Footballs, Double Dips, Pop Rocks, Jelly Rings, Larger Tops, Rainbow Drops, Rhubarb & Custard Pieces and so many more. to be honest back then, the sweets were much more interesting. now everyones more bothered about chocolate!

Favourite Game:
me and my family would play games all the time, me my mum and my brother would tend to grab scrabble, monopoly, cluedo or a packet of cards and just have some family time for hours. back then it was so relaxed and never about who's texting who or who's online. 

Favourite McDonald's Happy Meal Toy:
the TY minitures. I had quite afew as my brother would give me his. me and my cousin would tend to bicker over who's was who's ha! :)

Favourite Books:
anything from Jaqueline Wilson and Harry Potter. I remember when the first Harry Potter book came out, we got it in school and we'd all sit in our quite area and have some juice and biscuits and our teacher would read it to us for ages. it's such a lovely remember :D

Favourite Clothing Store:
tbh, back then it was my mum who'd buy my clothes. I was more into tracksuits back then so I guess whereever sold them at the time. 

Favourite Kids Shows:
ok, so I have so many. I'll list them :) Rugrats, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Sister Sister, Kenan & Kel, Worst Witch, ZZZAP!, All That, Ed Edd & Eddy, My Parents Are Aliens, you name it I liked it.

Favourite Collectable:
I used to collect the Poke'mon cards, yeno when they first came out? oh god everyone loved them you were noone until you had them! and I used to collect the magazines with a bear on, not me 2 u bears, they were brown/cream and were amazing I loved them!

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