Monday, 7 October 2013

Lacey-Niia's 15 month update

•In 12-18 month clothes just transitioning into 18-24months 
•her vocabulary is much more prominent and her use of words in sentences make much more sense.
•size 4 shoes
•has walked unaided since 10months and now is running and trying to do handstands.
•eats everything and anything. Her favourites foods are mash, mcdonalds cheese burgers, beans, cheese, cucumber and tomatoes.
•loves the odd cup of tea on a cold day
•loves postman pat and mr tumble 
•one directions youngest and biggest fan
•has a mouthful of teeth.
•loves the park and play centres
•is ticklish around her tummy, hips and on her neck.
•enjoys her picture being taken and watching herself on videos
•loves helping with hoovering, washing and baking. 

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