Sunday, 27 October 2013

I laid bare all my most inner demons and emotions that I had only let afew close friends know about, then you crushed my heart and repeatedly trampled on it like it was nothing but dirt. I have never felt such hurt and pain like I do now, waiting around for your approval, and the saddest thing of all.. Waiting for your love. You will never understand the wild thoughts that go through my mind when you lather yourself in aftershave and your best shoes then tell me your going for a curry with your 'mate'. If your done with us then you'd you say forever for? You will never truly understand the utter disappointment and anger that runs through me every time you lie to my face when I know the truth. I believe I deserve the truth, that I deserve the honesty. Love isn't all fairy tales and weddings with white doves and happy forever afters. there's not a lot of decent men about, and there's caution to take once you think you've found that 'one'. Take in mind when you first start to date or go out with someone your still in the 'honeymoon stage' (it's just a term I don't mean when you get married) so the person that you're with doesn't always show their true colours. Things such as, happenings in their life, things they've done, been, achieved can sometimes be exaggerated. Maybe they think ''it won't last long, but whilst it's on now, why not tell lies? It sounds good.'' Infact, sometimes when this happens they will have to carry out them lies throughout your entire relationship. Telling more and more lies to cover up the first. It's a vicious circle that men and women fail to think about. I don't understand why people just can't be honest with each other. So what your not rich, that your not Zac Efron, or that you don't drive a range rover. No one will care aslong as you love someone truly and make them feel special and cared for. My point of this long bitching post is that, I've been with someone for 3 years now and sadly only half of a year has been spent with me being given true love and affection. It's hard and not nice when you feel alone, unloved and having your confidence knocked down repeatedly by the person you once thought was your Prince Charming. Disney set me up for a big let down.  

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