Monday, 23 September 2013

'Me Time' indulgences.

on the rare chance that I have an hour or so to myself, or when the kids are in bed and I'm with my partner. I like to indulge in afew things that non-mummies would easily take forgranted. lord knows I did before having a baby.

so heres just afew of what I like to do and ideas for you.
I like to have a hot bath, in peace which is obviously a rarity with a toddler and an 11yr old in the house. it gives me a chance to wind down, have a hot cuppa tea, listen to some music and use my latest Lush bath bomb addiction.
I like to put on a face mask, I usually get 2, one for myself and one for my partner. we have a 'pamper' night once a week. where we both have a bath, I do both our eyebrows, we put on a face mask and watch a movie. I love the fresh feeling that face masks leave afterwards!
I'll light afew candles, I have an addiction to Yankee Candles at the moment, which it's actually gotten quite unhealthy.
getting into fresh pjs or trackys is the best feeling after a hot bath, cup of tea or glass of wine in hand laid on the sofa vegged out watching either the soaps or a movie. perrf!
sometimes, myself and my partner won't eat dinner with the kids, we'll get a takeout once they're in bed or when the eldest is at his mums. we either get Domino's pizza or a Chinese. it's just so much nicer than cooking and then not being bothered to wash up and clean afterwards.
I like to Online shop, of course it's much better actually seeing the things you want to buy in the flesh but who can't resist a little online shopping? I usually use the excuse of "it was a bargain!" when my partner asks why I brought something.

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