Friday, 23 August 2013


Recently I've been stressed to the extreme. Right now, I wish I was a kid again getting my GCSE results, having fun with my friends, drinking illegally, flirting with whoever and being generally sociable and fun. Although I love being a mum and wouldn't never wish my life as a mum to be any different. I do wish my life would of been different. 

Like, I sometimes wish I'd of stayed on in school, that I had countless boyfriends just because it was abit of fun and that I was carefree at a young age. I may only be 20. But I live my life asthough I'm 40. I cook, I clean, I tidy up, I care for the children, I do the shopping and washing. You name I do it. I love my mummy dutys but the rest id love a hand sometimes. Wishful thinking.

I remember in the evenings having dinner, tidying up then snuggling up with a cuppa and the soaps. Now I tend to just go to bed due to the fact I'm knackered. I hope I don't sound ungrateful at all, as I'm not. But there must be more to life than this... Right? 

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