Friday, 23 August 2013

Bath Time Fun

My daughter absolutely loves bath time. some of her favourite toys to play with in the bath are, 

Tomy Octopals - £10 Argos
Different colour & size Bath Ducks - £5-10 per bag of 4
Stacking Bath Rings - £5 

she tends to just wander off into the bathroom and you'll hear a cry cause she's pointing to her bath toys and the bath to get in! which, to be honest I can't complain at. but she likes to go in around twice a day now. she's usually in there for a good 20-30 mins. and then she's tired, so before nap time at 11am and bed at 7.30pm I tend to put her in then so she's all set for her bottle and sleep. 

I love that she's at the age where she loves water and all things fun! play time is much more entertaining now theres alot more to do with her. 

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