Thursday, 11 July 2013

so my beautiful little princess is now 1. I can't believe it! it seems just like yesterday that my 6lb 3oz baby girl was born on the 7th of July at 12.44pm. she has had an adventurous 12months and she doesn't even know it. everyday has been a mile-stone for my daughter, she's held her own head up since day one. held her own bottle since 3months, been on solids since 2months, said dad at 5months, crawled at 5months, and then started walking at 10months. now she's unstoppable, now shes off talking (babbling), toddling around to the point she can actually run! NO JOKE! it brings a tear to my eye when I look at her giggling, playing, walking, smiling it just gives me this weird feeling that I can't contain my emotions over. she's my world, my life my absolute everything.

we planned that on the 6th of July we'd have a get together with family and friends, hire a huge bouncy castle and have a bbq, but it didn't go according to plan, we invited just under 30 people. including the children. but most of them cancelled without an explination or due to complete ignorance, ignored us. those who did plan on coming and stuck to it I felt so bad that I had to cancel as the bouncy castle was for the children, and if not all are going to be there it wasn't worth it for only 6 children 3 including under 1's.

so we decided that we'd take our gorgeous bundle of toddlingness to Gambados. of which she had an absolute BLAST. the last time we took her she wasn't walking so she couldn't explore everything, but this time she could! we went the day before her birthday as on Sunday we did something else but I'll talk about that later.. anyway, we was at Gambados for around 4 hours, we all had a light lunch of strawberries, chicken salad / cheese sandwiches, yogurts and raisins, then we left to go to my mums where we had a nice fat BBQ!

it was only myself, Lacey-Niia (of course!), Dylan and Chyna and my mum. but it was so nice to just have a laugh without stress. Lacey-Niia's god parents suprised us by turning up, with handfuls of presents which I thought was so nice of them as we specifically said to people presents werent expected that a card and a happy birthday would be more than enough. but instead she had a ton off them. afterwards we went home around 11, all the kids went to bed straight away as we had put Lacey-Niia down in her cot at my mums so when we got back she was put into her own bed. then myself and Pete put her trampoline together, then afterwards he went on the Xbox and I sat and blew up tons of balloons! I neatly placed all her presents,

cards and balloons in the living room so her beautiful face could see them when she gets up in the morning, and when it hit 12.44pm I was so restless. I went into her, picked her up and gave her huge kisses whilst she was still asleep. I got into bed and had a little cry to myself, simply out of joy.

When she woke in the morning I was there, straight away. I scooped her up, gave her a million kisses and a huge cuddle wished her Happy Birthday whilst she was smiling away in her 'just woke up' way.. then I took her to the living room door and her face was like WHAT! she looked, then looked at me and then wriggled to get down.. so when I put her down she went straight to the trampoline! it was so adorable. I sat next to her, with Pete in the kitchen with the black bags at the ready for the rubbish, Dylan and Chyna sat next to us too. we started giving Lacey-Niia presents to open, which she did, it was so cute. she opened all but 2 as by that time it was 10am and she was knackered, whilst unwrapping she only had 15min break to have breakfast, so by 10am she was rubbing her eyes and yawning ready for her nap. she woke up at 11.30, and then she started playing with all her new toys and gadgets, she was so just so excited about everything.

after Chyna had gone home at 12. we got Lacey-Niia dressed and took her to McDonalds. ok so, McDonalds isn't exactly exciting but we don't give her it alot as we like to cook fresh for her, so it was a treat, and she loved it. she had her own Vanilla Milkshake, which she liked more than the food but either way she ate it all. we then walked over to the shop, where we got her some sweets, cold water and then went to the park, she had such a good time playing with the football. shouting at people, and being pushed on the swings. we then came home. by which time my mum then turned up with her partner to give Miss Niia her presents from them! they got her a huge pink rocking horse, Hello Kitty chair, and a ton of books! she was so excited, AGAIN. we then gave her the birthday cake. once she had her tea and cake she was ready for her bath and bed. before I put her to bed I read 3 books all with her laid on my chest, afterwards I was so reluctent to put her into her bed as I just wanted to be with her.

after I left her room, I then sat on my bed, thinking.. this time last year, she was in tiny baby clothing, in micro nappies, and so small and dependent. it was all so overwhelming.

we tried to make her 1st birthday special. and I hope it was, either way she seemed to of had fun. and even now she's still so excited about all her new toys!

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