Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Tattoo heaven

so, Monday just gone (17th) we had to go into town for a meeting.. afterwards we walked past a tattoo shop and Pete asked when I was getting mine, so me being all brass and cocky said "whenever, but does it hurt?" he obviously said no and said that he was gonna go in and see if the guy had yet designed a sleeve for his left arm.. but when we got in there he didn't ask once about his sleeve, instead he asked the guy if he could fit me in and then before I knew it I was walking down the steep stairs to the room where he proceeded to do my tattoo.. to be honest I'm quite happy Pete pushed me into getting the tattoo I've wanted for ages. It's my daughters first name Lacey-Niia (yes, it's her first name. it's double-barreled). but I love it! it took around 10mins, and it didn't hurt one bit. If I can go through labour and the after-math of a c-section then I can surely deal with a tattoo! I'm already thinking of when to go in for my second!

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