Wednesday, 19 June 2013

SMA Stay Down Review

When my daughter was born she was on the original SMA Gold. but she was never really able to keep it down for long, the health visitor and midwife both said nothing was upsetting her tummy and that most babies do that. So we left it for afew weeks until she got a lot worse, projectile vomiting after each feed. not so 'normal' we thought! So after researching online and inspires we found a different version of SMA, which was Staydown. I hadn't heard of anyone I knew personally that had used it, but from reviews online - it seemed pretty good. Since switching milk she kept it down and it tastes nice too! There isn’t a bad thing to say about this version of SMA.

If you’ve got a very sicky baby that cannot keep milk down then try this as it may work for your baby the way it did for mine. Not alot of stores do it, ASDA sold it at one stage but stopped due to not selling many. Tescos and Boots are where I get mine. It’s one tricky milk formula to find but they tend to put it on the top shelf where you can’t see, but it's so worth the hunting around. My daughter is now 11months old and is still using this formula as the SMA follow on is still too much for her, even though she eats normal food now and has done since 3 months she only has 3 bottles in a 24 hour period. One for her nap at 10am. Then for her bedtime at 7.30pm then during the night if she wakes up which is really rare. we told our Health Visitor about the switch - and that we as the parents knew something was not right, and therefore did what we could to help her. fair enough, they was far from happy as we didn't listen to their advice that she was completely 'fine'. but what could they do? they saw for themselves her drinking her milk without any issue and no being sick. for us - that was a major win win! I would suggest talking to your Health Visitor or GP before switching milk formula if your unsure about what to do as your baby may have something completely different to what mine had. which was reflux. but go with your motherly instincts. that never fails!

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