Sunday, 23 June 2013

I'm not here to patronize or anything like that, I just thought those who are first time mums, or those that like to nosey into other peoples likes then this might be appealing. when I had my daughter, I relied on these things more than anything, obviously I've not added everything into the picture but I'll mention them.

1: first up, Huggies nappies.. when my daughter was first born she was in Pampers StayDry micro nappies as that was the smallest size any nappy did. but then when she got bigger we moved onto Huggies as she didn't ever leak through them. whereas Pampers she did, I like Sainsbury's Little Ones nappies too. it sucks Huggies don't sell to stores anymore. you can only buy them online or in small packets in Savers.

2. Blankets. you can never have too many blankets! cause my daughter was so small we wrapped her up so much to keep her warm. we have around 10 blankets at the moment. range in sizes, but she mostly uses her Minnie Mouse ones and Tatty Teddy.

3. Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle Warmer - this is such a good little gadget. a must have for all those parents who are on the road alot or just go out alot. I don't use it anymore, but I did in the first few months as it was way better than when out asking to heat a bottle as most places won't do it, and if they do you can't take the hot water to your table, which is lame.

4. Tommee Tippee Bottles - we got my daughter the baby pink ones, they're so cute with the flowery detail. I didn't like the style of the Advent bottles, and my daughter is funny with different teats.

5. Tommee Tippee Sterizler - I opted for the microwave one, simply because it was easier to store away and didn't take up too much room. theres not much to say about a sterizler as it just does what it says.

6. Fairy Liquid - you may be thinking what the hell does it have to do with a baby, but I use this to clean out her bottles with before putting them into the sterizler, I love the smell and the fact it gets everything in the bottle off, now shes drinking juice and cups of tea we practically sterlize all of her bottles, sippy cups etc so this is a major must have for me!

7. Bepantham - I couldn't live without this. I prefer to put this on my girls bum than Sudocrem. not sure why, I think it's cause Sudocrem never really worked on her bottom. haha!

8. Colief - it's quite pricey, around £10-£15 but for your baby, it's worth it. we tried Infacol but it was crap and didn't work at all. I'm so chuffed someone mention about Colief as it was a huge help!

9. Baby Wipes - I use Sainsbury's Little One's Fragrance Free wipes and the Johnson's wipes. simply because I don't like the wipes that are quite dry and flimsy.

10. Johnsons Baby 2in1 Bath & Wash - I love this. I even use it. it smells good, tastes good (my daughter eats the bubbles) and a little goes far with this!

11. Baby Vests and Sleepsuits - you really can't go wrong with these, they are the most basic baby must have. you can never have to many either, we always have put a vest under our daughters outfits to keep her warm, and sleepsuits are the comfy choice for them to go out in or to sleep in.

theres probably alot more stuff that I haven't added, but like I said, I'm just sharing what I enjoyed using :)

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