Sunday, 30 June 2013

Goodie bags!

So the other night I sat up til late making up loot bags for the kiddy guests on the weekend. Simply because when I went to a party big or small at a young age I loved being given them! Here's what I put in them :)

Hello Kitty bags: 
2 heart shape bracelets
2 toy rings
2 glow sticks
1 lollipop
1 bag of haribo 
1 scroll paper game
Bag of animal figures
Other little suprises and Obviously they'll have birthday cake in them too. 

Boy bags:
1 hotwheel car
2 Pack of glow rings
1 bag of haribo
1 lollipop
2 glow sticks
1 puzzle game
And of course other bits and birthday cake to be added on the day.

Although its only going to be a small get together, I'm excited. My baby is going to be ONE! Like, wow! Of course I knew the day would come at some point but she's still so tiny and small yet she's walking, talking and doing everything! I'm such a proud mummy!

We've booked an adult large bouncy castle so she can have an absolute blast on it! There'll be other things to do too! We've invited afew close family and friends. And I just hope noone ruins it! I'd they do I won't be happy!! 

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